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Contemp-O-Services builds relationships one project at a time, the level of service we provide small businesses and entrepreneur’s allow key contributors the flexibility to stop running the company and start growing it!


 Quality professional services provide the opportunity to compete on another level,

while protecting the perception of your brand*

Finally, size doesn't matter!  

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Accounts Payable – Process invoices, schedule payment reminders, , issues payments, reconcile transactions, track expenses, provide daily, weekly or monthly reports & revenue analysis.

Accounts Receivable – Maintain billing systems, generate and distribute invoices, process incoming payments, non-payment collection and assist month end closing. Provide transaction reports & revenue analysis.

Bookkeeping - Verify invoices, receipts & ledgers. Allocate and post transactions generate financial reports

Payroll – Retain employee utilization, calculate payroll deduction. Process payroll, issue statements of earnings and deductions, investigate discrepancies. Update records produce state and local tax payments, ensure state and federal compliance.

Administrative Support – Manage calendars, coordinate appointments, meetings, conferences and travel. Prepare correspondence contracts, proposals, meeting materials; excel spreadsheets, Power Point presentations, contracts, proposals etc.

Marketing – Help plan and coordinate promotions; assist with design and development of marketing materials, mailing list preparation, campaign implementation.

Tax Preparation – Individual and small business. Review financial records, prior tax returns, current income statements and expenditures. Maximize deductions, exemptions, report employee with-holdings

General Liability Insurance Self Audit Compilation - Collaborate with client administrative & accounting professionals to compile requested documents including job descriptions, payroll records, tax returns and certificates of insurance.
Track Time and Expenses
 – Catalog project time and expenses for employees and/or projects. Data can be used for monitoring resource utilization, employee/contractor payroll and future quote projections. 3 Step EZ Expense Report process for gathering, catagorizing and calculating expenditures.

Inventory – Inventory control using live statistics linked directly to order processing (accounts receivable service required) or manual daily data updates. Add-on- products / service reports help clients identify primary customers, peak seasons, habits and trends. It is also used for monthly, quarterly and yearly product / service performance comparisons. Data can be sorted and queried numerous ways, custom reports available.

Financial Review / Audit – Third party review, reconciling identified risk or concerns verifying financials using  accounting software generated analysis of accounts payable, accounts receivable, vendors, contractors, inventory, payroll, expenses, etc. Third party review performed with MBA in finance. If compliance issue requires CPA sign off, additional cost apply.

Quotes –  An assessment of timelines, labor and materials needed for project or objective to calculate expenditures and forecast cost.

Strong administrative support is the back bone of any successful business; it greases the wheels of the organization and makes it run like a well-oiled machine. Often smaller companies don’t have the budget or consistent need for administrative staff; here’s where we can help! Now you can employ the services  you need when you need them.  Our pick and choose selection process gives micro and small businesses access to the same resources as larger companies for a fraction of the cost.

Although Tax preparation is our flagship service, our IRS training, bookkeeping skills and experience organizing small business fiscal portfolios prior to tax preparation, provides the perfect segway to company growth; we've integrated skills sets, talents and expertise to increase client product offerings.