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1.Take a Picture of your Receipt

A picture paints a thousand words..but you won't need that many..... Expense Reports in 3 simple steps:

2. Select a Catagory for the Expense

3.Send (the information to us)

Expense Reports made EZ

We gather, organize and calculate your expenses, then provide a detailed Expense Report with photo receipt verification for each entry. We will also transfer expenditures to company specific expense forms, per client request. You will receive your Expense Report ready to submit! ..How EZ is that!

Contemp-O-Tax / Contemp-O-Service is an Intuit, Quickbooks affiliate and an accredited member of the Better Business Breau 

Fees for services are tax deductible for businesses and 1099 Contractors; tax deduction is not available for W2 employees until 2025.

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