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Contemp-O-Tax "Tax Events" campaign helps us give back to the community in ways that really matter to our clients.

When filing with us, taxpayers have the option to create fundraising campaigns, partner with other taxpayer; friends, co-workers, team parents, family and/or parishioners to raise funds for events, activities, equipment, family functions, churches, non-profit organizations, etc.

How it works:

Contemp-O-Tax awards
$50.00 for each IRS accepted returndesignated to your fundraising campaign, we manage the funds accumulated and award the revenue to the campaign facilitator at the promotions end.  Campaigns can run for one day, multiple weeks or the complete length of the Tax season.

(Opitonal) To help advertise your event we provide a Tax Event Tool Kit; it consists of posters, flyers and reminder cards, we also work with you to send post via social media.

Who is eligible:

Any group of four or more taxpayers working or planning together for a common purpose or goal is eligible; a great way to raise funds for outreach programs, uniforms, team travel, community events, even family reunions.

Two ways to participate:

On Site:  

  • One or multiple day schedules available
  • Pre-registry required
  • Internet connected provided by site

One Line:

  • Open and close dates for campaign
  • Participants independently select from CTO filing options, online, drop off, or in office preparation. When using the assigned campaign number incentives awarded are automatically deposited in the campaigns account. 

 Every one who earns income must file income tax, it’s the law!

Tax Events is the perfect way to help raise funds necessary to support the development of our youth and community. If you'd like to jump start your 2023 fundraising , create a campaign or get  more information

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COVID19 Changes Everything! If fundraising pre pandemic was considered challenging, attempting to raise funds while the country battles through developing migrations of the Corona virus maybe even more so......

Our Associates are finanical wizards, that's true; but they are also Wrestling Moms, Softball Dads, AAU Coaches and Cheer Captains...we've been there, being there is how the Contemp-o- Tax, Tax Event Campaign initially's your perfect No Investment, Non Contact fundraising campaign!

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